Make Publishing Fun -Masterclass Replay

I hope you enjoy learning and applying the Four Essential Elements for your fun and profitable publishing journey.

If you are interested in working with me during the month of September to get:
1) your own Work Plan to successfully navigate the publishing industry
2) your own budget so that you can plan your next steps and "spend" between now and when you hit PUBLISH
3) customized advice, based on your Unique Author Style, that will ensure that you maximize your effectiveness and efficiency (because time is money!)...
...then please click on the box below to learn all about the September cohort.

It will be fun to have a new group of friends in publishing. If you decide to enroll, you can use the coupon code from the master class. This will give you four hours of my time (plus the course, plus all the bonuses) for less than a single private coaching session(!). This course is only offered this coming month (Sept).

I hope to see you in the cohort!                                        :) Kathryn

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